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My aim is to keep this post super short but sweet; I just wanted to share what I've been up to in preparation for our upcoming trip back to Belize. I can't decide if I am more excited or nervous for our kids to finally see and spend some time in our new vacation home! So much about the future of our family really hinges on how Ava and Dean feel about splitting their time between two countries. While I have been feeling extra anxious about the upcoming month in Belize with our two children, I am also very much looking forward to receiving the ridiculous amount of furnishings that we have been shipping to the home via a freight company in Houston, Texas. The kids are pretty excited to open all of the extra large cardboard boxes (It's seriously going to fee like Christmas in June), but they've both said that they're most looking forward to building a massive fort once all of those boxes are empty! Of course, the best part for Dan and I will be to see our vision for the house finally come together.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my latest little project on the blog. Between ordering furnishings online, packing, and finalizing our travel plans, I've also been putting together the guest book for our vacation rental and it is finally finished! This accomplishment feels extra special because it means that we are one step closer to sharing our new home and our love for this beautiful little country with all of you! I hope you enjoy taking a peek at my "work" for this week and, by all means, let me know if you want to book a trip in the coming year! We would be delighted to share our home with you!

Guest Book
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