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There’s No Place Like Home💕

What makes a house a home? As soon as we made an offer on the house in Belize, I started contemplating this question. The most obvious answer is the people that you share the home with and alI of the love shared among your people. Still, we all want to provide a cozy, comfortable space to share with our loved ones; and that set my mind into action. I rapidly began dreaming up all kinds of ways that we could transform the cold, sterile, vacant, concrete house into a warm, welcoming, family-friendly, home away from home. As soon as I started thinking about design inspiration, one person immediately came to mind: my good friend Amber at Pretty!

Amber has a degree in fashion and is crazy talented, so of course I had to get her input on how to create a “Beachy Boho Vibe” at our new place. I knew that I wanted colors inspired by the sea and nature, but I also wanted to create an atmosphere that would make people want to kick off their flip flops and stay a while. Not only was my dear friend willing to help, but she curated some AMAZING design boards for EVERY room! Once again, her kindness and automatic willingness to help reminds me that whether I’m at home in the states or soaking up sunshine in Belize, the people that we surround ourselves with are what makes life worth living. That being said, the boards Amber created may be a close second.

Everything that Amber curated has me seriously wishing Amazon would just deliver to Belize already! Therein lies the greatest problem that we are currently facing while trying to put our own unique touch on this home: nothing ships directly to Belize. Furthermore, the duty that is charged to bring items in from another country is astronomically expensive! More on that later; today I just want focus on sharing Amber’s amazing blog so that you can see the design inspiration behind our Belizean home. If you don’t yet follow Amber, you’re missing out! You can check out her blog posts for the BEST fashion advice as well as links to purchase all of the items on the boards she created (and some really cute clothing😉 from Boho Pretty) here: Here’s to finding some shopping inspiration today!

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